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About us

MG Technik is a company which began its work in 2013, which is formed by a group of people with great capabilities and experience, with new ideas of great delivery and quality. We are a company that sees the needs of the client and based on this we carry out the corresponding engineering on the various needs of the client.

We make the project a "turnkey". We have trained personnel to provide an immediate solution to any situation.


Products and services

MG TECHNIK offers total solutions through various automation systems such as Access Control, Closed Circuit Television, Detection, Signaling and Fire Suppression, Power Monitoring, Structured Cabling, among others, to facilitate the operation and maintenance of the property. , establishing security comfort for users, and protecting different investments. Achieving various savings in different departments such as security and maintenance. We have design services, engineering development, advice and installation of the necessary infrastructure, start-up, training, in short, a “turnkey”. We have a services department to offer our clients the implementation of inspection, testing and preventive and corrective maintenance programs for the different systems.

CCTV Camera


Closed Circuit Television System is one of the most requested systems on the market for the visualization and generation of evidence. Since with these high quality equipment we can visualize the entire area.

It is a monitoring system in which we can see in real time what is happening in our space. One of the qualities that this system has is that in a certain area we can install a

camera, either dome type or bullet type depending on the need and being able to monitor the area without the need for

a personnel that is patrolling, we can now monitor these systems

remotely, this means from a computer, cell phone, tablet.

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Control Access

This system is one of the most important within the facilities since with it we ensure that only authorized people can enter the facilities of our property.

Access control is divided into two branches Stand Alone and Network.

It is a tool which we can use in different ways, such as assigning different areas to different personnel in the property (restricting access to the cash register, or giving access to the main door of the property). Placing readers in different areas and giving access cards to staff.

The different technologies that we could use are proximity, biometrics, magnetic stripe, among others. It also has intrusion detection functionality and we could obtain information about personnel such as entrances and exits.

This leads us to have a better protection system for our property, such as magnetic plates, electric locks, bolts, etc. So that a visitor can be questioned through an intercom placed at the main entrance.

All of these devices will have the ability to be opened electrically and must be monitored by the access control system.



It is the most important system of the entire property since with it, we can integrate different systems.

Within an Energy Management system, the control of a property is monitored, ranging from Lighting Control, Air Conditioning network, Energy Consumption Monitoring and demand control among others.

Its purpose is to reduce the time dedicated to property maintenance and provide detailed information for scheduling preventive maintenance, in addition to generating savings by being able to establish resource utilization strategies and automate functions.


Fire Alarm and Detection

Fire Alarm and Detection System is one of the primary systems in buildings as they help us protect and provide knowledge of events such as attempts, initiation, in order to protect lives within the building. The system has the functionality of alerting to follow an evacuation process.

It is divided into two forms: manual and automatic detection systems.

Manual systems are those in which it is carried out by a person who, using a manual device, activates an alarm to signal to the central panel and this is responsible for managing said alarms. Some devices may be manual stations.

Automatic systems are those in which detection is carried out by a device, which without human intervention measures some physical variable associated with the fire and communicates to the central panel that is responsible for managing said alarms. Some peripheral automatic detection devices can be smoke, heat, light beam detectors. Signals can be represented with an output such as a strobe, siren, horns, etc.


Home automation

Home automation are systems capable of automating a home or office, providing energy management, security, well-being and communication services, and which can be integrated through indoor and outdoor communication networks, wired or wireless, and whose control enjoys a certain ubiquity. from inside and outside the home. It could be defined as the integration of technology in the intelligent design of an enclosed area.

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